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Halkidiki Greece

The gem of northern Greece, counting 550 km of coastline and rich in natural beauty, couldn’t be other than Halkidiki.

It consists of three peninsulas, each of them sticking out into the waters of the Aegean Sea. The Garden of Virgin Mary, or Holy Mount Athos, Kassandra and Sithonia invite you to explore them.

The terrestrial part of Halkidiki is covered with virgin coniferous forests and is being crossed by two rivers, the Havrias and the Olynthios.

Aristotle’s birthplace, Ancient Stagira, the ancient city Olynthos, the Cave of Petralona, where the Petralona Skull was discovered, the Sanctuary of Zeus Ammon, the ancient town of Mendi, many beautiful coasts, delicious local products, museums, Festivals are only some of the reasons why you should visit Halkidiki.

Well-organized tourist complexes and high-quality accommodation or services are all a stone’s throw from Thessaloniki!